Windscreen repair ad1Repair your Own Windscreen!

This windscreen repair kit will repair 2 stone chips on a windscreen with enough resin left over for a small crack repair.

Perfect for professional, DIY or motor enthusiast. You can keep the kit in your glove-box – just in case.

Complete with easy to use instructions, this kit will professionally repair a stone break on your windscreen restoring the structural integrity of the windscreen to prevent further breakage from the impact.

Resin sets optically clear for a great repair.

Please remember to follow the instructions, and don’t let the resin come into contact with any painted surface.

Package Includes

● 1 x Windscreen Repair Resin Injector

● 1 x Repair resin bottle

● 2 x Adhesive Seal

● 1 x Pedestal / Injector Stand

● 4 x Mylar Repair Film

● 1 x Razor Blade

Windscreen repair photo