Windscreen Repair Standard for WOF

The following charts are used to determine if a windscreen is repairable according to the New Zealand & Australian standard.

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Step 1.

Use CHART 1 to Identify the Critical Vision Area (C.V.A)

The CVA is essentially the area directly in front of the driver. If you ran a centre-line vertically up your steering wheel and measure 150mm (15cm) either side, this is considered your Critical Vision Area (CVA). The CVA stops at 90mm (9cm) from the top edge of the windscreen, and 65mm (6.5cm) from the bottom.

Step 2.

Use CHART 1 to identify the type of break. Using the chart below, find the diagram that closely resembles the damage on your car windscreen. Sometimes a break can look like more than one of these diagrams. If this is the case, then it is considered a “combination” break.

Step 3.

Use CHART 2 to determine the maximum size repairable for the type of break.  Note that the maximum repairable size of a break differs depending on whether the damage is located inside the C.V.A or outside it.


Windscreen Repair Guidelines


CHART 2 Windscreen repairs for WOF

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