Windscreen Repairs

All Auckland Windscreen technicians are trained in windscreen repair.

Our staff can repair your chipped or cracked windscreen to ensure full structural integrity. This means that the repaired windscreen will be as strong as it was BEFORE the damage occurred.

This is important because any chip or crack that is not repaired (or repaired correctly) can get larger. When a crack becomes too large, the windscreen must be replaced before a WOF can be issued.

The criteria for what type of damage can be repaired depends upon the style of the break, and the placement on the windscreen.

This criteria is set out in the New Zealand standard for windscreen repairs AS/NZS 2366 Parts 1 & 2.

Not all windscreens chips and cracks are repairable under this standard.

If you want to know if your windscreen can be repaired, there is no need to drive to us. We can identify this over the telephone and save you the time.

Give us a call on 0800 762 743, and we;ll ask you some simple questions to determine if the chip or crack is repairable.

Alternatively, if you’d like to view the safety standard, and work it our for yourself, please view our repair identification charts here.

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