Car Window Repair

Auckland Windscreens Do Car Window Repairs too!Car Window Repair Questions

Question: Can you come to me & repair my car window?

Answer: Yes, our glaziers can come to almost any location in Auckland to repair shattered car windows

Question: Are you able to do the job properly when you come to me?

Answer: Of course! Our vehicle carry the same equipment as a workshop. We have vacuum cleaners and air compressors to clean out all the glass fragments.  In fact we even have our own power with in built generators and power inverters.

This type of equipment not only gives us an edge on our competition, but also allows us to work in places like car parking buildings and dim light as we can power our own lights.

Question: How can I pay for my repair when you come to me?

Answer: All the usual ways! Our vehicles carry mobile EFTPOS with credit card facilites, we accept cheques and cash.  If you have windscreen or window insurance, we can arrange your insurance claim for you.

Question: How long do car window repairs take?

Answer: Generally speaking most car windows can be replaced in a time of 1 hour or less.

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