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Can you fix a cracked windscreen without replacing the entire windscreen?

Yes. In many cases we can use repair technology to remedy cracks and chips in your windscreen.

As windscreens and vehicle glazing are subject to Warrant of Fitness [WOF] scrutiny, repairs must comply with LTSA guidelines to ensure that the windscreen is safely and legally repairable.

In most case we can identify over the telephone if a chip is legally repairable.

Generally speaking, a chip or crack in the drivers vision area of a windscreen can be repaired if it is 30mm or smaller. A crack or chip outside of this critical vision area [CVA] is repairable up to 300mm.

See page “what does a broken windscreen look like?“.

Can You Bill My Insurance Company For My Windscreen Replacement?

Yes. If your windscreen is covered by Insurance, we can directly invoice your insurer.

We will make your insurance claim fast and easy. Simply give us your policy number, and we will gain authorisation for a repair on your behalf.

Alternatively if you wish to call your insurance company, simply tell them you wish Auckland Windscreens to replace your glass. Your insurer will then give you a claim number to give to our glazier.

What Is A Chassis Or Frame Number, And Why Do Repairers Need It?

The chassis or frame number of your vehicle assists the repairer in identifying exactly which model of vehicle you have, as it is possible for manufacturers to change a car model in the middle of any given year.

For example a 1996 Nissan Sentra could infact be one of two models in that same year. This is because the manufacturer brought a new model out in 1996, but continued to produce the older model untill the end of that same year.

In most cases, when a vehicle model changes in year, the parts (e.g windscreen) change in size and shape.

We do not always need the chassis or frame number. Give us a call in the first instance on 0800 762 743, as our staff are trained to ask simple questions over the phone to assist with vehicle identification.

How And Where Do I Locate My Chassis or Frame Number?

For most passenger vehicles, the chassis number can be found in the engine bay.

  • Lift Bonnet of Vehicle and Place On Holder For Safety.
  • Look at the wall behind the motor (this is often referred to as the “firewall” and is the wall that separates the engine bay and the vehicles dashboard in the cabin.)
  • In almost all cases the chassis number will be located in the middle of the top part of the firewall. This number may either be stamped into the body in the same color as the paint or can be a silver “credit-card” sized plate riveted in the same area.

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